This show (conversation) will best benefit you IF:

  • your pug/dog is your baby
  • you see the world through rose-colored glasses
  • you have no children or have grown children
  • your pug/dog has more privileges than your family
  • your life is a Sloppy, Unfocused Mess… but you’re o.k. with it because no one knows
  • you can relate to one of the pugs’ weight loss stories
  • your reasons why you haven’t lost 30 lbs. or less resembles one of the fat pugs
  • you eat differently (you “label” yourself as a specific type of eater, certain foods or schedules.    ie: Omnivore, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Fad dieter, Intermittent faster, a CCRANNY, etc. )
  • you’re still figuring out what you’re gonna do when you grow up
  • you want more energy and time for yourself
  • you love to laugh

The 3 FAT Pug Diet Plans 

– Based on Fat Pug’s behavior. You identify with what behavior most closely mimics yours. More details are below (scroll down)

1. Lady-Like Leisure (LLL Pug Plan) 10 lb. weight loss – You want to lose weight from the couch.

2. Lacy GlutFacy (LGF Pug Plan) 20 lb. weight loss – You want to stop eating all the time.

3. Hunger PangPang (HPP Pug Plan) 30 lb. weight loss – You do not eat until you experience hunger pangs. Not always good.

All 3 pug diet plans are for 66 days. Rationale: 66 days to change a habit. (got to find quote somewhere).

The 3 pug diets are based in 9 CCRAN Principles

Which is most important:

Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition – each pug plan has its own individual CCRAN recommendation. (ie: Cycling and Restriction can come in many ways) Below are the general CCRAN Principles that apply to all 3 Fat Pug Diet Plans:

1. Be a Rule Breaker

2. Increase vitamins A & D (naturally preferred)

3. Switch cooking oils (even olive oil) to cooking with coconut oil and/or unsalted butter. We don’t cook with olive oil, but use it in salad dressings.

4. We are breakfast skippers. No eating of carbs until 3 hours after rising. One exception – if you cannot wait 3 hours, at the one and a half hour mark, after rising, you can have a small protein snack. (ie: hard boiled egg, 2 tbsp. of cottage cheese, turkey or beef jerky, 2 tbsp. tuna, coffee w/ heavy cream (no sugar), slice of lunch meat or ½ a hot dog (cooked).

5. No exercise on Mondays. Exercise should work into your lifestyle.

6. Balance is bunk. Let go of the stress of trying to be balanced. What are you actually trying to balance? Nothing ever happens in the middle.

7. Sleep for dinner.

8. Should have a “crutch” when needed. Identify it and when you’ll probably need it and why.

9. Don’t encourage saboteurs - Don’t tell everyone. Or rather don’t tell anyone. Lie about why you are or aren’t eating certain things… because people notice & want to chime in on your "newly found diet". Especially when you’re getting smaller. I lie & tell people that "gluten gives me explosive diarrhea". That usually works & changes the conversation to nuclear weapons or sports.

Your Life  - A Sloppy Unfocused Mess? (It's O.K., because nobody knows.) You love your fat dog. You want to lose up to 30 lbs.

"Yes" to all questions? Welcome!

Call 1 (425) 440-5100; code: 529861#

Mondays @ 8:30pm EST

(Rated "R")

Eavesdrop, laugh and feel good about weight loss & current events.
Don't worry... we don't care, we talk like nobody's listening... 'cause they aren't.

Mondays, 8:30 pm EST - 1(425) 440-5100, code 529861# 

Here are the 3 Fat Pug Diet Plans all under the principles of CCRAN. Do you want to lose weight? 10-30 lbs? Which fat pug do you relate to?

Ladylike Leisure (LLL Plan) - 10 Lb. weight loss

Lady is blind and the fattest of the 3 pugs. "Poor Lady, she's blind... here have something to eat." Sound like you?

This Plan is for you, who has a "bonafide reason" for NOT pushing it. You want to lose weight from the couch. Like Lady, you like leisure and will try things for a short time, then relax. You just want to "zip your pants" again; NOT fit into a size 6 nor 10 nor 14 nor... 

Lacy Glutfacy (LGF Plan) - 20 Lb. weight loss

Lacy tries to stick to a structured meal plan, but often finds herself getting snacks from "others (Daddy)" and by the end of the day, she eats all the time. She is somewhat gluttonous. She has a "gluttonous personality" too. Always involved in what everybody else is doing and eating.

This Plan is for you who has lost considerable weight before and wants to lose at least 20 Lbs. again, (trying CCRAN this time). You find that you are constantly eating and wanting control over your diet.

Hunger PangPang (HPP Plan) - 30 Lb. weight loss

PangPang likes to eat a lot at one sitting. Sometimes even once a day, then maybe a small snack. He often shows his displeasure to being hungry between meals by scratching on "his" refrigerator door. This Plan is for the you who find yourself too busy to eat regularly and are always physiologically, not emotionally, hungry and have issues with your blood sugars spiking high and then dropping down. You are either over-stuffed or past-famished.

Once you decide which FAT Pug Diet Plan is best for you (Which pug do you BEST RELATE with?), you will start to incorporate the CCRAN Principles. (see below)  Once you practice the CCRAN principles you have become a CCRANNY!

(Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition)

Down 30lbs. for over a year.  Zipping up all my favorite pants & NO DIEting! Living the CCRAN lifestyle!

I can't
zip my pants!

George Bernard Shaw, always thin, weighed himself everyday and maintained a low weight. He lived to be 94. Asked about his youthfulness at age 68: "So be a good fellow and tell me how you succeeded in looking so youthful?". Shaw: "I don't. I look my age. It is the other people who look older than they are."

Me, Minky (below, 30 lbs. heavier for the last time; then maintaining for one year after being on CCRAN), YOUR 30 lb-Weightloss Mentor & you'll Zip Your Pants Again. I will help women and men, usually over 40 y.o., lose 30 lbs. (NO more than that) by discovering the CCRAN Lifestyle and then enjoying your fat pug without guilt! We take the "DIE" out of DIEting! Isn't it time to get off the ups and downs of the weight gain & dieting rollercoaster and...

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Beginning Mondays, September 19th, 2016. Just call in from any phone! No need to go to I-Tunes. It's a Live Call. 

Laugh, Listen, Learn and Laugh again

at what we like to call our S.U.M. (Sloppy, Unfocused Mess!) 

Easy for older folks and people without I-Tunes. 

Just dial and listen, you will be muted. 30-45 minutes long. Zip YOUR Favorite Pants/Jeans Again!

(425) 440-5100, 529861# pin code, 8:30pm EST

Below is just a sample of my "weight cycling". Between 15 and 30lbs. During peri-menopause. Up and down, the weight gain, then diet rollercoaster! No more weight cycling thanks to CCRAN & my FAT pug!

I'm wearing
an elastic
stretch band.

Before CCRAN

Up 18 lbs.

  • Find your FAT pug's style and start relating!
  • Discover "Real World Mindful Eating" (Recognize true hunger, eating enjoyment & fullness, on a busy, crazy schedule)
  • Stop eating so F*#%ING much!
  • Learn calorie cycling or food cycling (your best chance to keeping your weight off!)*
  • Make your thick thighs thinner (If you want to)
  • Zip your pants again; Look good in yoga pants!
  • No more "can have this, can't have that" diets
  • No more "brown", instead of white, excess fiber that keeps you on the toilet and bloated
  • Are you a 24/7 "Foodie"? Do you need a "Foodie Rescue"? We're the "Food 911" for you
  • Live longer with a smaller body size
  • Stop exercising so hard and so long
  • No "diet dujour" (diet of the day) or emotional roller coaster - up and motivated this week, down and discouraged next week
  • Share your lifestyle changes with other women (& men) who have "irrational wants" for their body too, like you do.   
  • Best of all, never feel like you're "cheating" on a diet again!

Down 10lbs.

Down 22lbs. total

Down another 7 lbs.

2 CCRANNYs brought their FAT pugs to the gym. The CCRANNYs dieted also & lost weight and the pugs, well they're pugs... See our "3 FAT Pugs" show above & below!

Get a complimentary audio recording of one of our early episodes. Weight loss tips and much more! ... Welcome and Enjoy!

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Your email will never be shared or sold!

Down another 5 lbs.

*Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2004 Jun;28(6):727-33.

Up 24 lbs.


I am up 30 lbs for the LAST time.

I can zip my pants 

and then some!

I know you may be thinking that I never was "that overweight". Well that's your opinion. 30 lbs felt like too much weight for me. I know there are other people who have struggled with their weight loss and regain of 30lbs or less, over and over again. And they want it to end too. They (you) want to get off the weight gain and diet rollercoaster. 

CCRAN is a lifestyle and works best when the stress of losing weight is over. One of our goals is to maintain a "low body weight". We use CCRAN to stop the "weight cycling" and to become more mindful in our eating (real world mindful techniques), satisfy our "hunger hormones" and not to regain the weight we just lost or gain any more weight. So if you have lots of weight to lose, (more than 30lbs.) this CCRAN program is not for you.

Tired of gaining & losing the same 20-30 lbs. ...

I try CCRAN ==>

Chicken breast, 1/2 avocado, pound cake, 5oz. beet smoothie
(One of my larger meals) 

C.C.R.A.N. stands for Calorie Cycling & Restriction
Adequate Nutrition

Again, here are our 9 CCRAN Principles:

  1. Be a Rule Breaker
  2. Increase Viamins A & D (naturally preferred)
  3. Switch Cooking Oils
  4. We are Breakfast Skippers
  5. No Exercise on Mondays
  6. Balance is Bunk
  7. Sleep for Dinner
  8. Should have a "crutch"
  9. Don't Encourage Saboteurs

(NOT C.R.O.N. Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition - Dr. R. Walford, B.M. Delaney, M. Mattson, P.Voss, etc.) We feel it's very challenging to eat "optimal" and "restrict" calories all the time. Sometimes you just want pizza and a beer. (or a piece of real candy; not 70% cocoa, but a Snickers bar or a piece of licorice!)

After being calorie restricted for a while, we know that both high-fat and high-carb meals (especially at breakfast) reduce your hunger hormones.**  (We usually are late breakfast eaters, sometimes skippers)

So, total calories matter more than the composition of your diet and as a CCRANNY, you are allowed to eat what you want during the calorie cycling (you may go over your maintenance calories once in a while), but still maintain certain portions. 

Once you have "shrunk" your stomach, over a period of time, you will get full on less food. Again, you eat what you want. You are not a slave to food anymore. YAY! (This takes practice and you may need help from our "secret weapon/crutch" below or you may not.)

Imagine going through the rest of your life not worrying about food and eating and dieting. You are just being yourself and focusing on the relationships with people in your life and not with just food.

3oz. burger, fries & salad

As a CCRANNY utilizing one of the 3 FAT Pugs diet plans, you practice strategies like:  

  • How to eat 2 fistfuls of food and NOT stretch your stomach & give the rest to your fat pug
  • How to do less, but more effective (easy on the joints)  
    exercise, that keeps your body weight low and how to exercise with your fat pug

  • If you are so exhausted & sleep-deprived, knowing when to have a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and "sleep for dinner" will do more 
    wonderful things for your weight loss than exercising!

Lamb chops with yogurt & cucumbers

(Notice the edible part of the lamb chops aren't much bigger than a regular spoon and again it's all on a 7-inch plate.)

Recommended reading.
No monies for promoting
this great book.

Here are some sample meals I have eaten living the CCRAN Lifestyle, using 2 fistfuls of food portion size. I usually DON'T drink (even water) during meals. I drink after I eat & when I'm thirsty. Sipping water or other beverages. All plates are 7 inches and calories are estimated (I know my "magic caloric number"). I confess to eating slowly, always leaving food on my plate and I also have a thigh-thinning exercise ritual, just FYI:

What is living the C.C.R.A.N. Lifestyle?

Calorie Cycling & Restriction Adequate Nutrition Lifestyle is living contently while maintaining your 30 Lb. weight loss, eating what you want, when you want and no more "cheating" on diets nor painful exercising. In the CCRAN Club we believe that adequate nutrition (with calorie cycling, restriction, portion control and personal exercise rituals) it's possible for day-to-day life. However, optimal nutrition and long caloric restriction is too hard to maintain, and most people fail at trying to achieve and maintain a low body weight. 

We live on the "Less is More" principle. It is a lifestyle of freedom from yo-yo dieting, excessive exercise, thigh-building/bulking exercises.
As a CCRANNY you live by a creed and you practice 9 simple principles and use a 3-step process to incorporate the principles into our lives.
We believe that our "irrational want" of what we want a body part to look like, may actually be possible!  
(Remember my "irrational want" is to
NOT have my thighs rub together!
And I achieved and maintained it! Yeah!)


Salmon Salad

This is also a great book. Very well researched. My program utilizes info from the two.

Quinoa mix w/snack food, cream cheese & olives

**J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2003 Nov;88(11):5510-4.

Become a CCRANNY!  

JOIN The 3 FAT Pug Diet Club and pick YOUR FAT Pug Diet Plan!
(sign -up above/below)


Live LONGER in a smaller body!

Zip your favorite pants again!

Discover the 4 types of hunger and how to deal with it besides eating

Admit and come to terms with your "irrational want" of what you want a certain part of your body to look like

  • All 3 FAT Pug Diet Plans follow the 9 CCRAN Principles and take 66 days to complete.
  • We do waist and/or hip measurements too! 

Join the 3 FAT Pug Diet Club and try one of the FAT Pug Diet Plans above. These plans can be delivered "virtually". They actually use a 3-Step process:

The first 30 days are trial & error using the CCRAN principles. During weekly sessions you are taught the 8 principles & discover which ways they work best for you and how it relates to your FAT pug. (1. RELATE)

The second 30 days are actually living YOUR CCRAN lifestyle and when the magic happens. You stick to your chosen rituals during this time. (2. REFRAME)

The last 6 days are for reflection and improvement of what you have been doing. (3. REPEAT)

It takes 66 days, NOT 21 days, to develop a habit.^^

"Developing the right habit simplifies your life. Your life gets clearer and less complicated because you know what you have to do well and you know what you don't. Aiming the right discipline at the right habit gives you license to be less disciplined in other areas. When you do the right thing, it can liberate you from having to monitor everything else. Habits require much less energy and effort to maintain than to begin."^^

CCRANNYS are people of powerful habits and use selected discipline... we are NOT stiff! We actually have more freedom than most who worry about their food, their weight, how they look and how they feel.

"Very successful people aren't superhuman - they use selected discipline to develop a few significant habits. One at a time, over time."^^

These FAT Pug Diet Plans are EXCLUSIVE... 

(NOT inclusive, definitely NOT for everyone or
just anyone who wants to lose weight) 

...the plans cater to: 

  • women & men who can relate to one of the 3 FAT pugs. You are usually over 40 (Starting to "feel" your age & don't like the fact that you are looking older than you really are)
  • women & men who want to lose 30 lbs. or less (NOT your LAST 30 lbs., your first 30 lbs. If you want to lose more than that, you will be referred to another health/diet/fitness professional)
  • women & men who want to spend more active time with their FAT pug! (Be strong enough to carry them, {PangPang is 34 lbs.}, and/or push them in a stroller for a long walk)
  • women with thunder thighs (from too many squats, lunges, step aerobics, cross-fit exercises and athletics from years earlier) who now want thinner thighs
  • men with developing Dicky-dos (see below)
  • women & men who hate gluttony, "All You Can Eats" and buffets (We say "Guttony" no "L" because when you eat this way, this is how you end up looking)
  • women & men who are NOT foodies. (It's not that CCRANNY's can't appreciate great dishes, we can and do. It's just that we don't live our lives around the food, food t.v. shows, nor take pictures of all the food in front of us nor talk about food better than we would talk about a loved one. Food is just tasteful sustenance to us. That's all & that's enough.) 
  • women & men who have an "irrational want", like me. Mine is to NOT have my thighs rub together. Your's might be (let's say you're a man over 40, who wants to lose under 30 lbs.) and wants to have a defined, 6-pack midsection... an "irrational want"? Maybe, maybe not?!


During YOUR FAT Pug Diet Plan, you will identify your "irrational want", pick your staples (food), your exercise rituals and your food cycles between your calorie restriction. (We of course make recommendations based on which FAT Pug Diet Plan you choose)

Find out which exercises you should never do if you don't want to be hungry all the time. We do the best exercise EVER!

You'll find and know your "magic caloric number". You'll know your portions to achieve and strive to maintain a low body weight while you live the CCRAN Lifestyle. Remember CCRANNYS eat what we want, when we are truly hungry. We never feel like we CAN'T have something. We feel the same way about our very happy, lovable, FAT Pugs. 

^^"The One Thing", Keller & Papasan, 2012


  • The irrational want: When you dream about a certain body part looking a certain, yet highly unlikely, way. For example - You may not ever fit into "size 4 skinny jeans" - so, just to not have that "thigh-rub/friction" any more will do OR a 6-pack may not be attainable without misery and constant deprivation; but just a "FLATTER" tummy section will also do. (I'm very happy with my 2-pack!)

We do specific exercises for the Navel to Knuckle (N2K) area for women and men.

AND we help create NO Dicky-Dos (for men and those who love them)

We tackle a problem area (N2K) and address the "irrational wants" women & men over 40 have:

Thick to Thinner Thighs & a Trimmer Midsection.

We help you "Fix the F.U.P.W.A." (for women)


"What's a Dicky-Do? It's when your stomach sticks further than your dicky do."

Relate. Reframe. Repeat.
3 Simple Strategies to Identify and Avoid YOUR "Food Crack" (habit) and to consistently exercise, move more.

"3 FAT Pug Diet Plans" for the 3FPDC members will be written up on the blog (virtually, you can do this), and on our show. Listen from the comfort of your home, office, even your car.

ALL 3FPDC members receive  "Fix the FUPWA" chapter* from "Living the CCRAN Lifestyle" an 
e-book. This chapter has quick weight loss tips, No-Thunder Thigh exercises, daily ritual suggestions, sample dishes and shopping lists.
Get your complimentary chapter. 

Just click below to download your's right now! If you have any questions, see below.

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Once you sign-up, you get priority access to programs & the latest CCRAN tips. You can start prepping right away with your bonuses and get a "head start" with your weight loss.

You need to be a 3 FAT Pug Diet CLUB member first! Sign in box up below.

The "3 FAT Pug Plans" are ~2-month membership of weekly virtual sessions. 66 days to be exact. The first 30 days are trial and error. Real World Mindful Eating techniques and finding YOUR best exercise. The last 36 days are Living the CCRAN Lifestyle that enables you to drop weight/sizes and best suits YOU! 66 days is a short time to rid yourself of up to 30lbs., dieting stress and exercise guilt forever!


SIGN-UP TODAY! Become a 3 FAT Pug Diet CLUB Member!

We believe in "Short Term Wins" and "Acting As If" to keep you motivated. You will be supported throughout the membership, but you have to be engaged and try the suggested strategies and techniques. Calorie Restriction takes some trial and error. But it is well worth the self-discovery you will experience about food, exercise, stress & sleep.

Challenge yourself for the
"3 FAT Pug Diet Plans" 

Natalie Kohler

"After finishing 1st place in my over 40 fitness physique competition, I had to call Lori and thank her for all of her support and quick weight loss tips. I always open her emails because I know it's going to be something GOOD and FUNNY! Love the 'No Dicky-Do'! I also know a lot of men who could use that!"

Lori Minky Radcliffe  - 

Your 3 FAT Pug 30 lb. Weight Loss Show Creator & 3 Fat Pug Diet Club Founder is a Sit Down Comedian, former Fitness Trainer and former Nurse. So you will be entertained, thinner and in good hands when you learn to live the CCRAN Lifestyle!

2 Cuzin fitness & lifestyle diet team will help you decide where you want to work out with your fat pug; how to achieve the body you want with a pugstyle diet plan that creates and maintains an up to 30 lb. weight loss. 

One of our mottos: "Nothing tastes as good as thinner feels!" 

Heard that one before, right?! Well it's true!


Cuzin Minky
(30 Lb. Weight Loss & Zip Your Pants Again Mentor)

Featured guest:  Athletic Coach, Fitness Model

Corey Radcliffe

Cuzin Sherri

Owner of 2 Fat Pugs & Co-host of The 3 FAT Pug 30 lb. Weight Loss Show

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